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Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto

Flow from fed up to well fed with me in my upcoming book.


I'm Brittany

I don't believe in dieting, restriction, or cruel regimes around food, body, and life. I know it's possible to love the food I'm eating and enjoy the body I'm living in while also experiencing the full range of the human experience. Life (and food) are meant to be FULLY lived. Keeping happiness at the heart of healthFULLness is key.

Ten Steps to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode

I swear, hand to god, that you don’t have to go hungry, exercise all day long, or drink only green juice. With my simple ten step Soul Food Revolution process, you’re going to move from stuck and uncomfortable into glowing goddess guru beast mode, and you will be able to use what you learn in this process every day for the rest of your life.


Thai Louisiana Noodles with Basil Pesto, Okra, & Purple Podded Long Yard Beans

The dish I prepared at the Red Stick Farmers Market Main Street Market food demonstration wherein the goal is to create a dish using produce found at the market! This dish features all produce straight from the farmer's hands that morning (with the exception of the lemon and garlic). Check out the recipe and hit up your farmers market for local, seasonal delights.

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Wednesdays on FM 103.3 at 8:20 am.

Don't worry if you can't tune in! We hop on Facebook live (so you can get the on and off air commentary) and you can watch previous episodes and other media appearances here.

Take action toward what you want for yourself

Check out a yoga class with me if you're in the Baton Rouge area, and if you're not, no worries:  thanks to the interwebs, there are plenty of ways we can connect.  

My goal?  To move you from fed up to well fed in health, wellness, and life.

love the food you eat.

live the life you love.

ditch guilt and regret.


Do you love the food you eat?

Are you living the life you love?

Don't worry if you're not, because, together, we'll ditch guilt and regret, keeping happiness at the heart of healthfulness.

I'm willing to bet you are itching to shake things up.  You may even be stuck and feeling defeated, frustrated, and hopeless.  Fear not, 'cause what makes me tick is walking with women just like you who are craving monstrous, life changing, soul shaking CHANGE in their health.  

I promise you:  you don't have to feel alone, frustrated, or hopeless.  You have everything you need to move into a soulful life, you're simply missing a trusted friend, advisor, and accountability partner.  And being that person for you? That's my jam.

I have your solution, and it all comes down to soul food.

Now, I'm not talking cornbread, fried okra, or rice and beans, here.  When it comes to soul food, I'm talking about more than actual, edible food.  I'm talking about all of the things that feed you, inside and out.

The things that feed your body.

The things that feed your mind.

The things that feed your soul.

As responsible adults (who are functioning, contributing members of society) we spend a heck of a lot of time doing things that don't necessarily feed our souls (i.e. psyche/essential nature).

We don't always eat the right foods. We don't always exercise. We don't always nurture our hobbies and creativity.

In a sense, in doing all of the things we are supposed to do to be functioning, contributing members of society, we are starving ourselves.

Sure, we may go through the motions of life.  Work obligations.  Social obligations.  Family obligations.  Biological obligations (you know, like eating three square meals a day.)

But my question to you is...  

are you starving?

Dig into Soul Food

Soul Food is made up of three main parts:

  • Food:  Fueling, nourishing, and delicious food

  • Yoga: The physicality of moving your body with awareness and nurturing the self

  • Soul: Self awareness cultivated through a deep knowing of who you are as a kick-ass, raw, authentically beautiful human.

With all three there are a few tenants to keep in mind:

  • happiness at the heart of everything

  • no perfection

  • honoring yourself above and beyond what everyone else is thinking/saying/doing

Through working together, you and I can create BIG change in your life!  No matter where you are right now, there is an option that will connect us and move you toward where you want to be.

  1. Get Soul Food delivered straight to your inbox and follow The Soul Food Project on Facebook (where I post most of my musings/recipes/have open dialogue with you.
  2. Explore the many different ways we can work together to achieve your goals–moving you from fed UP to well fed.  Check out my ten step framework for achieving what I call "glowing goddess guru beast mode"—a step by step guide for a nourishing revolution of yoga, food, and soul. 
  3. Ready for true VIP treatment?  Looking for a health consultant who will tailor a program to your specific goals?  That, m'dear, is my PASSION.  Let's talk about how we can make magic happen in your world


Words from soulful women I've worked with...

"I don’t know what is about Brittany, but I always felt I could be completely honest with her—never hiding what I was feeling, from overwhelmed and defeated to on top of the world. She just listened and always soothed me with her wisdom in the most delicate and supportive ways. 

Through all our sessions, Brittany really changed how I eat and look at food in the most peaceful, inspiring way. When I give myself the time dedicated towards eating good nutritious foods and activating my body, I feel unstoppable and refreshed. I have Brittany to thank for making me passionate about what goes on in my meals and kitchen, and my mind’s wellness. "

— Tara Tagliaferro, VIP One on One Client

Concierge Health Coach delivers a Soul Food Revolution

VIP Coaching

Learn more about how we can make magic.


About Me
(aka The Creds)

I wasn't born a health coach.  (Shocking.  I know.) To be perfectly honest, I didn't care a lick about nutrition or my health until my mid-twenties.

The reason I began doing this work is because I experienced an insidiously nasty, terrible, no good, negative relationship with the food I was eating and the body I get to live in, and I got FED UP.  I decided one day to take matters into my own hands, step into my power, and initiate change.

Once I got a taste of how magical life can be when I FEEL the way I TRULY want to feel, I knew I HAD to share it with YOU.

I work with women on this pain point because I have been to the inner circle of hell and walked back out again as a new woman.

Brittany Lynn Kriger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CHHC, AADP, RYT 200

Brittany Lynn Kriger is the owner and founder of The Soul Food Project, which is devoted to the power of a positive relationship with food and body. Through workshops and one on one coaching, Brittany is passionate about spreading the mantra: "Love the food you eat.  Live the life you love.  Ditch guilt and regret," and she is here to lead you to a joyous and free relationship to food and your body.

A certified Integrative Nutrition health coach and board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Brittany received her yoga training at Yoga Path studying coursework based on the lineage and teachings of Krishnamacharya.  This lineage is a therapeutic approach to yoga that integrates the ancient teachings in a modern day application specific to the individual.  Brittany is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and she also holds degrees from Louisiana State University (BID) and Southeast Missouri State University (BFA). 


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