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I'm Brittany

I'm an anti-diet health coach, and I help women love their bodies and their lives while not obsessing about the food they eat. I don't believe in dieting, restriction, or cruel regimes around food, body, and life. I know it's possible to love the food I'm eating and enjoy the body I'm living in while also experiencing the full range of the human experience. Life (and food) are meant to be FULLY lived. Keeping happiness at the heart of healthFULLness is key.

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto

Flow from fed up to well fed with me in my upcoming book.

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Ten Steps to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode

I swear, hand to god, that you don’t have to go hungry, exercise all day long, or drink only green juice. With my simple ten step Soul Food Revolution process, you’re going to move from stuck and uncomfortable into glowing goddess guru beast mode, and you will be able to use what you learn in this process every day for the rest of your life.


Smash the Foodtriarchy™

I'm here to Smash the Foodtriarchy™ and I'm inviting you to do the very same.

To Smash the Foodtriarchy™ means embarking on a mission to break the emotional bondage with food and live in alignment with your deepest desires.

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Take action toward what you want for yourself

Interested in working together towards YOUR version of Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode? Let's hop on a quick call to talk about IF and HOW I can help you. Apply here.

love the food you eat.

live the life you love.

ditch guilt and regret.


Dig into Soul Food

Yoga Food and Soul

Do you eat food you like, or do you eat food that's "good for you"?
(and like... not enjoy eating it anyway)

Do you enjoy being active?
Or do you punish yourself with workouts or feel guilty for not working out? Both sides suck. Why not find out how you LIKE to move?

Do you do what you want? Do you even KNOW what you want? 
Do you feel awesome in your body and confident about the human you are? Or do you feel like staying home 'cause your body isn't where you want it to be, or you don't like going out in the world 'cause you're constantly comparing yourself to other people?


Girl. I hear you. That's no way to live.
And, nd the answer isn't another diet or strict exercise regime.


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Words from soulful women I've worked with...

I don’t know what is about Brittany, but I always felt I could be completely honest with her—never hiding what I was feeling, from overwhelmed and defeated to on top of the world. She just listened and always soothed me with her wisdom in the most delicate and supportive ways. 

Through all our sessions, Brittany really changed how I eat and look at food in the most peaceful, inspiring way. When I give myself the time dedicated towards eating good nutritious foods and activating my body, I feel unstoppable and refreshed. I have Brittany to thank for making me passionate about what goes on in my meals and kitchen, and my mind’s wellness. 
— Tara Tagliaferro, VIP Client
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"I feel unstoppable and refreshed. I have Brittany to thank for making me passionate about what goes on in my meals and kitchen, AND my mind's wellness."

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"The me six weeks ago is not ME today in a lot of ways.

In a LOT of ways."

[Fed Up Fellowship was full of] so much good information—It got me thinking about habits that I do without thinking—whether they be about food or not. I was so much more aware of how I was moving through life, and much more aware of the habits that I want to cultivate, and the ones that I want to change.

This is an awesome resource for women with hard relationships with their bodies or food. This is a Godsend.

I went in being like… I don’t know how to cook at home and was wanting to find healthier ways to snack and eat—my schedule is crazy and I was eating snacks that were like children’s snacks! I realized... I have access to all of the things I need, in my kitchen RIGHT NOW, but I’d never thought to put them together in the way Brittany presented them. Options! There was so much freedom! And there were so many great ideas to jump off from. I know now I’m eating much more healthfully, but more importantly, in a way that makes me happier because it’s how I WANT to be eating.

The me six weeks ago is not the me today in a lot of ways. In a LOT of ways.
— Hannah Bagnall, Fed Up Fellowhip Member


Let's hop on the phone for about 15 minutes to get a feel for each other and work out if and how I can help you.

Brittany Lynn Kriger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CHHC, AADP, RYT 200

Hi, I’m Brittany, and I spent YEARS (literal YEARS) frustrated with food and my body. I hated my body. I hated food. I loved food. I wanted nothing more than to feel “normal” with food. I didn’t feel even a little bit normal with food. I didn’t want to punish my body with exercise anymore. I wanted to love my body. BE my body. Trust my body.  

I’m not just another health coach. I am a health coach with a mission to disrupt the wellness space, advocating for all bodies and not basing health off of size, weight, or moral food values. Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with research scientists, other health coaches, accountants, artists, teachers, actresses, chefs, and so many more. My specialty? Helping women release shame and control and teaching them how to listen to the language of their bodies, keeping happiness at the heart of healthfulness.  

In 2013, I founded The Soul Food Project, which is devoted to the power of a positive relationship with food and body. Through workshops, yoga, coaching, writing, and speaking, I am passionate about spreading the mantra: "Love the food you eat. Live the life you love. Ditch guilt and regret," and I am here to lead anyone who cares to join me in an anti-diet revolution of yoga, food, and soul (which is the path to a joyous and free relationship to food and body).  

I am a certified health and integrative nutrition coach specializing in women's hormone health as well as a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor. I studied with ground breaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is accredited by Columbia University’s Teachers College and by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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