Resolution Reboot 2017


New Year's Resolutions.  They carry SUCH a stigma.  I've had my own struggles with making, breaking, and feeling guilty over ditching resolutions, and ultimately, a few years back and early in my coaching career, I decided to cold turkey quit making resolutions.

Which led to the following, which is an excerpt from a post entitled "The Dark Side of the New Year" from my old blog--which was written when I decided to cold turkey quit making New Year's Resolutions.

I sat here for a while staring at the white screen. The little cursor blinking away at me with just... nothing. Nothing valuable in my head to share the week. Not about food. Not about philosophy. Not about exercise. To be quite honest, I was feeling pretty low and beginning to get annoyed.

The cursor continued to blink. I continued to get more annoyed. A Word Warp break on my phone seemed sensible. Try again. Still nothing.

My little well spring feels all kind of dried up. I’m feeling... empty.

I am the definition of blah.
— Brittany Lynn Kriger, January of 2013

In the post, I went on to explain that a post-holiday slump is a reality that hits us at the very same time we are trying to amp ourselves up for the fresh start that is the new year.  How it's okay to chill out and not plan and scheme and resolve to do better, be better, be MORE.

And YES.  Truth.  I agree with myself that it's okay to chill out and not plan and scheme and resolve to do better, be better, be MORE. So, while it was a valuable post at the time for where I was on my journey, I look back at it now and am so very glad I have new tools.  

That blah feeling doesn't strike me very often any more, and when it does, I know what I need to do to kick it to the curb.

I still don't believe in setting resolutions--too controlling, restrictive, and outwardly focused for my liking, and I am ever so grateful for the new perspective I have on setting intentions and goals for the New Year.  This perspective has been contributed to in large part by Danielle LaPorte's Desire Mapping process.

I sat down with my friend and fellow Integrative Nutrition Coach Amanda Sewell (of Aswell) in my sparkliest shirt with a champagne glass of water (before noon is a bit early to pour the champagne)  to dish on our best tips and tools for gliding effortlessly into the new year.

A bit about Amanda, from Amanda herself:

"Hi!  I'm Amanda.  I help women end the struggle. With their bodies, their time and their self care. They learn to take amazing care of themselves so that all areas of their life become more fun and fulfilling.  I believe that we put need to put our own needs first. No more comparing our bodies or feeling judged . We come back to real version of ourselves."

Amanda Sewell, ASWELL
Instagram @as.wellness

Listen to the audio only version (download) and listen in your car/while you cook dinner or watch below to see Amanda's awesome hair and my sparkly blue shirt (we got snazzy just for you!).


1:10 min call | audio only (download) or video (youtube)
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