Proven Steps to Move you to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode

You’re done. You’re done with dieting, feeling awful in your body, and feeling intensely confused about food.  You want to move effortlessly through your day and have a sense of fun.  Like, you want to go to the beach without agonizing over your bikini body and you want to feel the way you did when you were at your ideal weight, but you’re SICK of diets that don’t work (or you’re sick of diets that do work but only for 30 days and then when it’s over you’re right back where you started).  

How can you feel the way you want to feel (and believe that you DO feel when you’re dieting) without dieting?  

I swear, hand to god, that you don’t have to go hungry, exercise all day long, or drink only green juice. With this simple ten step process, you’re going to move from stuck and uncomfortable into glowing goddess guru beast mode, and you will be able to use what you learn in this process every day for the rest of your life.

The Soul Food Project is all about loving the food you eat, living the life you love, and ditching guilt and regret, and in our work together you will begin to live what I teach and preach and learned the hard way for myself: there is no one right diet for every person.  Every body is individual, and so it follows that every body should be maintained individually.  

And now, down to the ten steps:

  1. Now’s the Time. 
    The first step is easy.  All you have to do is decide.  Every day when we wake up, we decide.  Often, we don’t feel we have a decision; things seem to happen TO us and we feel caught in a endless cycle of suffering.  The first step is simply to decide that you are FED UP.  You are fed up with the endless cycle of dieting, over exercising, restriction, and thusly “falling off the wagon.”  You don’t have to know how you’re going to stop doing or feeling these things.  You simply have to decide that you are DONE, and you are ready to take action.
  2. Commit Yo’self. 
    This is easy, too, but it isn’t necessarily simple.  To move from deciding into action, you must commit to uncovering your path. Understand that there is a deeper knowing and a MUCH better way to live buried deep within you. The answer is there, but you can’t find it right now because you are stuck in habits that have worked for you in the past (maybe a diet that worked before or a pattern of restriction and over exercising that once worked but isn’t any longer).  There’s a new way.  A better way.  A more joyful way. Are you ready to commit to uncovering it?
  3. Wild Abandon. 
    If you’re ready to uncover a more soulful way to eat and move and live, then it’s time to abandon willpower and control and bravely step into experimentation.  You’re ready to try new things.  You’ll challenge food beliefs, exercise beliefs, and truths you’ve come to believe about yourself and the world that maybe aren’t actually true. This is where we step into nutrition knowledge to clarify food confusion and begin practicing daily yoga.  Yes.  Daily yoga.  All you have to do right now is abandon yourself to the process. Are you in?
  4. Double Down. 
    This is where the work really begins.  The first three steps are mental shifts; they don’t necessarily require a lot of action.  Now you’re ready to dive into a fearless exploration of the self through the lens of health.  This is not some woo-woo esoteric work, either.  This is a worksheet.  This is tangible.  This is you putting pen to paper and taking a hard look at where you’ve been in the past, where you are now, and where you want to go.
  5. Dig Deep. 
    You + Me.  Together, we’ll evaluate the health story you have written for yourself, and we will come up with a plan for the future.  The time has come to write a new story with a reframed definition of health.
  6. Makeover Montage. 
    Now it’s time to shake it up.  Clean out house and refuel. It’s time to revamp your kitchen, your plate, and your daily routine.  Release the old to make way for the new.  This is where you step into true experimentation: elimination of common problem foods (i.e. gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol), adding in more plant based foods, trying new forms of movement, buying new groceries, trying new recipes, etc.
  7. Double Down Part Deux. 
    You’ve made some steps forward, now.  GREAT JOB!  A funny thing happens when we begin to initiate change.  First?  We feel amazing. Things are going great. New habits are EASY and fitting into life beautifully and you. are. rocking. this.  Then?  Suddenly it’s as though self sabotage has set in.  This is when we “slip up,” “fall off the wagon,” and get down on ourselves. In the past, this is when we’ve quit.  But oh, no, my dear.  You will not quit.  You will now take a good hard look at what’s standing in the way of moving forward: people, places, and things.  You’ll find helpers.  You’ll identify ways to adjust, refine, and continue navigating toward your goals.
  8. The Training Wheels Come Off. 
    It’s time to detail your individual definition of health.  You’ve been led through food experiments, yogic movement, and mental reframing.  You’re ready to begin outlining your own, individual dietary theory (the foods that work for you) and are well versed in movements that feel good in your body.  At this point, you are an expert on YOU.
  9. Beast Mode. 
    You’ve established a routine for yourself and have implemented a dietary theory that makes you feel like a blessed QUEEN of life. You are not perfect. You are a healthy hedonist who takes pleasure in feeling good and enjoying life, and it shows. You’re glowing.  You feel incredible in your body. You enjoy showing it off. People are noticing your inner and outer glow, and now all you have to do is keep going. You have the prior 8 steps under your belt, and you know how to implement them every. single. day.  Basically?  You’ve nailed the science of YOU.
  10. Go, Goddess, Go.
    You will now move through the world in a new way (you really can’t help but glow after all this work), and your presence will automatically lift others.  The only way to keep the magic of this process is to share it with others, and the best way to do this is to share your story.  Simply be an example of what healthy hedonism looks like, and how you committed to the motto of The Soul Food Project:  “Love the food you eat.  Live the life you love.  Ditch guilt and regret.”  Your transformation and subsequent appetite for life will give others the permission to do the very same.  

These ten steps are the process I lead women through in my Soul Food Revolution one on one coaching program as well as the transformation you'll undertake in the group program: Fed Up Fellowship.  

There are no secrets here. Simply a proven framework for finding your individual health and happiness. And you, dear lady, deserve all the happiness you can muster.

You deserve to feel your strength, acknowledge your beauty, and honor your truth.


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