Workouts Don't Have to Be Punishing

I haven't always been a yogi. I haven't always had a positive relationship with "moving my body." Hell, I haven't always had a positive relationship with my body (and trust me, it's still work every single day—yes, I too sometimes wonder at the shifting cellular arrangement which is my body, and how one day I can feel like the bomb dot com, and the next she can feel like a shapeless amoeba of not wanting to be a human).

But I have SUCH a different approach these days to navigating those shapeless amoeba days, and more often than not, I do love her (my body, I mean), and I really REALLY do love moving her about. Ballet while I'm cooking. Going for a quick run. Swinging kettle bells around. Balancing on my hands in yoga. Savasana (corpse pose, in which all you do is lay on the ground and pretend to be dead YES that's yoga).

I sat down with my good friend Elyse Sparkes for this week's edition of Wellness Wednesday, and we talked about JOY workouts, a little something I was introduced to by her a few years ago: and it changed e'rything for me. 

Elyse is a fitness coach and owner of Sparkes Wellness, and she has a new program coming up that is ALL about feeling at HOME in your skin. Your body is the home of your sweet spirit, after all, and you deserve to feel like you've landed the best real estate.

Watch or listen to explore how you can find your very own joy workout.

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