Why we do the work.

"It's such an isolating experience to be in your head about food all the time, and... well, I think it's because everybody else seems to have it figured out."

Do you ever feel like everybody else has it figured out?

"I can see thin women, or you know, women who just worked out or something, eating cheeseburgers. And laughing. And enjoying themselves. And for me, if I were to have just worked out and had a cheeseburger in front of me, it would've been terror. Like... what am I supposed to do? I'm either gonna eat this whole thing, and it's gonna ruin everything, or... like, it would've just been this whole spiral, this restriction, or this all or nothing kind of feeling that I had, and it seemed like other people were just able to have some candy or cake or whatever, and not even worry about it."

Do you ever wonder about those other "thin women" eating cheeseburgers?? Laughing? Daring to ENJOY "unhealthy" foods?

Jenny (who's quoted above and to whom I will hereafter refer to as "Wonder Woman") is a client of mine, and the previous statements are her "before." Before we started working together. Before she looked her food fear square in the face and said, YOU HAVE NO MORE POWER HERE.

Now? Now after working through the Ten Steps to Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode with me, things look a whole lot different.

"Now... I mean, last night I made myself a burger just because I was craving it, and it was great! It was pretty bomb, and I didn't even flinch about it.

I was not afraid of it...

...and a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went on an ice cream date, and that was lovely. Like, it was just so wonderful to enjoy it and trust myself. Like, it's okay. Enjoy it.

It's liberating for sure now."

-Wonder Woman

When Wonder Woman and I first met, she was FED UP. I could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

In her words, she was in such a dark, deep place of just obsessing so much, every second. 'What am I eating? When am I gonna eat? Is it okay to eat right now?' I had to make sure I exercised every day for this amount of time, and this hard, and if I didn't, then everything was ruined.

Something was not right. I just felt so alone, and so... I was just so mad at myself all the time, and I would beat myself up so hard in my head over just food! Like just allowing myself to eat was so hard. And it's not like that anymore, thank God.

God, it was just torture. I was in my own little prison.

I asked her why she kept doing the work. Even when it got hard.

I was freeing myself.

I hate using the word "allowing" myself, because like, that's what it was like all the time, like, I'm not allowing myself to do stuff, or eat things, or whatever, and ...

it was just giving myself permission to experience food and movement and life and it be okay. To not be so consumed by what I thought was wrong or bad.

Now... I can find more joy, which was such a big part of what I wanted from this work was to find just the joy in little things and not necessarily in food... but also not necessarily NOT in food. Finding that joy in other parts of life. The joy of even just movement. Not making it into this routine of exercise, like ... I love just dancing, enjoying. Exploring my creativity, finding new things to do every day, books that aren't about food and diet. God that was like, that was all I read about for so long. And now I can just like, read a story, like a fiction story and just enjoy it.

Not having my food and exercise routines run my whole day or my experiences with people.

I wouldn't go out of the house if I thought I ate too much. If I had a plan with somebody, I'd be like, "Nope, cancel that. I can't leave." Now I'm like, "oh, whatever, I'm fine," I'm good.

I can go, I ate lunch like a person, it's okay.

Wonder Woman KNEW what she wanted when she called me for help. She wanted more JOY. She didn't want to feel trapped in a prison anymore. She wanted to LIVE her life.

So if she knew what she wanted, why did she need ME?

On my own I think I could just easily talk myself into some other diet. Some other rigid something. some other restricting something. 

Doing this with you opens the compassion. Like, if I was able to see myself in somebody else, I wouldn't criticize them like I criticize myself through the process, you know? And so being able to see that parallel of like, "why do I beat up on myself? I would never tell this person, like, 'You're not doing good enough.'

On your own... you just shut yourself off. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own.

Being able to reach out to you and just being able to let it out to somebody who understands and who is there for me specifically for this, and then also having the worksheets and the assignments... When I was feeling really bad, you'd say, "Okay, this is the time I need to be doing <this>." And that was able to pull me out of myself a little bit and then dive into a healthier way of figuring out what I was going through in the moment. The path and the steps and having a roadmap for  success was part of that.

Then Wonder Woman shared this wisdom bomb, and I would be totally remiss not to share it with you:

Pain is the admission price. That's where all the progress starts. Like you have to go through some ups and downs, and I love that. And I think that's part of the balance in a way, you know? But, but yeah, there is no pinnacle. There are peaks and valleys.

What's Wonder Woman's opinion on why we do the work?

Just ... don't knock it til you try it. And trust the process with someone who has been there, like, that's such a big deal. Brittany's not just some health nut that's, you know, been a health nut her whole life and is just telling everybody how they should go about things. 

I'm just so happy that, that I did this. And I wanna keep doing it.

So the next time you think that you're alone and that YOU are the only one in your head about food, remember that Wonder Woman is out there. And tons of other women, too. We're none of us perfect. And we're all experiencing both the joys and the pains of this here life.

It takes both step one, the decision to undertake the work, and step two, the commitment to the work, to make headway.

What's keeping you from doing the work? And what do you really want?


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