A nourishing revolution of yoga, food, and soul.

I'm going to tell you the story of two different women: Ivy and Nadine.

Ivy and Nadine are both smart, successful, driven, and kind humans. Each cares about her fellow life travelers, from the people she encounters at the grocery store to her dearest friends and family. Each is educated, well read, and cares deeply about her health. Each looks, outwardly, like she’s got it all together. Her friends are wowed by her lifestyle, success, and sheer “having it all”-ness.

But there’s a key difference between these two women. It’s not external, unless you know what you’re looking for. This difference is internal.

Ivy feels stuck. Frustrated. At a loss.

Ivy doesn’t feel like… HER anymore. She remembers a time when she felt better. Happier. More fun. But that’s not HER anymore. She feels exhausted and tired, deep to the bone. She doesn’t even feel like she WANTS to do anything… except for this small voice whispering at the very back of her head.

She feels powerless over her situations and trapped in the narrative that is her life. How did she get here!? She feels nostalgia for the past and anxiety that she’s barreling towards a future that she doesn’t want. Her present? Feels pretty dismal.

She struggles with deep worry and the inability to sleep at night. Her days are plagued by exhaustion from this lack of sleep and heart racing anxiety. Her mind swings her from doubt, to worry, and back to doubt

She is so, so hard on herself. How she feels about herself is directly related to how she treats others: her capacity to be patient and understanding of others and their struggles is proportional to her capacity to be patient and understanding of her own struggles. She is having a tough time with both. She feels unkind, unloving, and powerless.

She feels like she has a lack of education in regards to nutrition, how her body works, and she is confused about food. She feels ashamed about most of the things that she wants. And she doesn’t know what the hell her body is saying to her. (IF ONE MORE PERSON SAYS “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”).

She is overwhelmed and existing in a state of analysis paralysis when it comes to food. Compound this with the total case of cognitive dissonance going on here in that she feels mentally compelled to be healthy... but... there's no immediate danger, so she finds it's hard to actually DO it. She ends up guilty and frustrated and like she has no willpower, no self-discipline, and she’ll never get this damn thing RIGHT.

There’s a lot of "craving" going on in her world, and tied to those cravings is a sense of guilt and shame bundled with regret. Not only does she feel conflicted about what she REALLY wants, but she feels guilty when she DOES have what she wants.

She doesn’t know how to listen to her body. She feels like it’s trying to tell her something, but she doesn’t know WHAT. She's experiencing a complete and total disconnect from her body’s true needs, why else would she feel like crap in a crap basket all the time? She feels like exercise is a way to control her body and have a sense of control in her day.

She doesn’t understand why certain foods, exercise, and environments agitate and aggravate her. She does exercises she hates because they’re recommended, eats foods she doesn’t like because someone else told her to, and doesn’t feel like she KNOWS what works for HER.

She feels defined by her job, her relationships, her food choices, her hobbies… she has a list of SHOULDS, and few of them are lighting her up anymore. She experiences exhaustion with her day to day, and is pretty darn fed up with her life as it is.

Overall, Ivy feels a sense of panic/lack of control around food, life, and her body.

Nadine, on the other hand, feels pretty damn good about life and the path she's on.

She's surrendered to a sense of feeling and being with her body. She's taken on a fearless exploration of the self, and remembers... who she is. She studied and learned through a journey of thinking and doing. She gained CLARITY of where she is going.

She took on an exploration of her health habits, past and present and became well acquainted with the patterns that have gotten her to NOW. She built a team of support (a coach, a therapist, a trusted doctor), and she harnessed autonomy over her day to day.

She developed a meditation practice to strengthen her own inner knowing, which, BONUS, crowded out the voices of shame, guilt, confusion, and "shoulds" in favor of what she really wants for herself.

She stands in her power and is committed to seeking her truth, speaking her truth, and wanting what she wants. She embodies purpose, power, and a deep knowing of WHY she is here.

Nadine dove into her (and society's) list of “Food Rules” and gained a solid nutrition education so that she could move into a wild and free relationship to food that is ALSO nourishing on a cellular level. This allowed her to tap into what she WANTS for herself—aka desire. 

She has a grasp on what her body is communicating to her, from learning to track her cycle, getting the right blood-work done with her doctor and having it interpreted correctly, and then came up with a PLAN to course correct (which she is constantly adjusting as a partner in her health journey).

She moves her body in ways that feel good, and she has an understanding of the physical practice of yoga. By yoga practice, she doesn't necessarily hit a yoga mat on the daily. Sometimes her yoga is going for a run. Or swinging around kettlebells. Or taking a walk. Or going canoeing. Or taking a spiritual nap (yoga nidra). Her yoga practice is about digging into what’s deeper than just the physical body.

She did the work to find what jives with HER particular DNA/blueprint so she can live her life in a way that balances her energies. She eats meals and moves her body in ways that balance her system. She knows that everything is medicine and everything is poison; what might be beneficial to her could harm someone else and visa versa. She discovered what works for HER.

Nadine knows deep in her heart that there’s so much more to her than simply her job, her home, her body, the food she eats, her relationships, her hobbies… etc etc etc. In practicing the yoga of HER, she recognizes and has united the huge summation of all the disparate parts and pieces of HER. Every day, she is aware of and in tune with her inner wisdom, which is the highest version of HER.

Oh, and p.s. I lied.

Nadine and Ivy are the same woman.

Nadine was inside of Ivy all along, and not in a creepy Alien sort of way: Nadine is the voice of inner knowing that was whispering in Ivy's ear. Nadine was the voice that encouraged Ivy to take on a nourishing revolution of yoga, food, and soul.

Would you like to find your inner Nadine? 


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