I don't cook under pressure.

You know what you don't have to feel guilty about?

Not wanting to cook.

Times when I really enjoy cooking:

  • When I don't have to.
  • When it's for other people whom I love (and it's not after a long day of work)

And like... food is my jam. I have a mini cookbook coming out and a whole section devoted to recipes on my blog, and I even developed a cornbread mix that I sell to other humans to consume.

But I don't like to cook under pressure.

People naturally assume I love to cook and bake, because my Instagram has a lot of pictures of pretty food, and my website has lots of recipes. I'm catering for a cocktail party this weekend, which is not my normal M.O. And for a hot minute, I entertained the idea of opening a restaurant or a catering business.

Oh my god. Thank GOD I didn't. I discovered: recipe invention, cooking, and baking is an art form for me. It's a creative outlet. But doing it because I HAVE to?

No thank you.

My life now revolves around food delivery systems like Daily Harvest and Sunbasket, and I will 100% prioritize spending money on one of these companies to help me with my food planning over a new pair of shoes or random Amazon splurges.

So if you ever feel guilty for NOT feeling like food planning or meal prepping or being a Pinterest mom or Ina Gardner or any other "shoulds" out there, remember:

happiness at the heart of healthfulness.

How can you make mealtime LESS of a headache?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you have the means, try food delivery systems. I personally LOVE Sunbasket because they have gluten free, vegan, dairy free, organic, and vegetarian offerings (and many other food sensitive options), and their meals are pretty dern good. They have 20 minute meals and more complex fare, so you can really make it easy on yourself or have more of an adventure in the kitchen. And for breakfast: I am all about Daily Harvest. I'm not a big breakfast eater, and their smoothie options have made my mornings SO MUCH EASIER. Especially on those days when I teach sunrise yoga and go straight into clients and meetings and emails. I'm a BIG fan of this new cultural norm.
  2. Keep it simple. Some of the BEST meals are simple. Steak with butter, salt, and pepper on the grill. Roasted broccoli. Steamed artichokes. Stir fries where you throw a bunch of vegetables, rice, and egg in a pan and mix it all up. Scrambled eggs and toast. Roasted sweet potato with lentils. Check out Soul Bowls. They're my go to.
  3. Ditch shoulds. We have so many rules in our heads about what we "should" eat for meals. Breakfast food at lunch? Dinner food at breakfast? Ice cream for lunch? Pizza for breakfast? Why the hell not. Make a list of all the shoulds you hear, whether you believe them or not, and notice how many of them crowd your head around mealtime. And then... maybe be a little rebellious. (Definitely something I encourage all of my clients to do. Break some rules, why don't you?)
  4. Always keep an easy option on hand. My freezer is loaded with frozen foods: frozen vegetables, frozen soups, frozen leftovers, frozen meats. All at the ready to be defrosted for that inevitable moment where I feel ALL the nopes. Nope I'm not going to cook. Nope, I don't care. Nope, I'll just go to bed hungry. Some of these things can be defrosted in about an hour, and others I need to have a little bit of a "nope warning" on.

Because I don't cook under pressure. And you don't have to either.


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