You and I will create BIG change in your life in a 6 week program that breaks down your relationship with food and how it affects you personally—body and soul.  

Every body is created individually, so it follows that
every body should be maintained individually.

Check out my proven ten step process that forms the foundation for our work together.

If you're ready to cultivate a positive relationship with food (read: no dieting), find your ideal foods, embrace the body you live in, and shed the things that just aren't working, then you're ready to dive in.

Do you ever find yourself thinking any of the following?

  1. Man... I wish I could be healthier
  2. If only I had more will power when it comes to food/exercise/making good choices.
  3. I want to fit in my skinny jeans again.
  4. I hate what I see when I look in the mirror.
  5. I am out of control with food. Food controls ME.
  6. I wish healthy food was good... but I just LOVE other foods so much more.

Trust me.  I definitely get it.

I haven't always had a positive relationship with food or my body.  I used to drown my sorrows in pints of Ben and Jerry's, bottles of wine, and use exercise as a way to punish myself for "bad" decisions.  I was in a constant war with my "will power" and desires, fighting what felt like insane, beyond my power cravings.

I totally get the struggle.  I mean, I really and truly get it.  

Once I got a taste of how magical life can be when I FEEL the way I TRULY want to feel, I knew I HAD to share it with YOU.

If any of this resonates with you, then, girl--I know your heart.

I work with women on this very pain point because I have been to the inner circle of hell and walked back out again as a new woman

What's included with the VIP program:

  • 8 private calls (over the course of 8 weeks)
  • A program tailored to your needs, which could include: recipe conversion, a guided dietary elimination experiment, curated yoga practices specifically for you, real time accountability, etc. 
  • Email support
  • Essentially, I'm your personal health concierge, providing exactly what you need to move towards your goals.

Rave Reviews

 Tara Tagliaferro, Actress, New York, NY

Tara Tagliaferro, Actress,
New York, NY

“I don’t even know where to begin in all the sparkling praise I want to shower on Brittany; the health and wellness education and soul searching she has blessed me with is beyond priceless.

My inbox became loaded with fascinating emails on everything from grains to greens to juicing and smoothie recipes to breathing and de-stressing and made me feel like I was working towards a minor in Health Awareness!! Each week we would talk for an hour and it wasn’t always about food- it was also about where I was mentally and felt a little like a detoxing, therapy session. 

I don’t know what is about Brittany, but I always felt I could be completely honest with her- never hiding what I was feeling, from overwhelmed and defeated to on top of the world. She just listened and always soothed me with her wisdom in the most delicate and supportive ways. 

Through all our sessions, Brittany really changed how I eat and look at food in the most peaceful, inspiring way. When I give myself the time dedicated towards eating good nutritious foods and activating my body, I feel unstoppable and refreshed. I have Brittany to thank for making me passionate about what goes on in my meals and kitchen, and my mind’s wellness. ”

When you work with Brittany, you can tell she is really listening and caring about what you’re saying. Any food question or concern, her answers are knowledgeable and from a really loving place. The materials I received from Brittany helped me learn more about what I put into my body and how that affects my daily life. Brittany sees you as an individual and her approach is the same way: it’s all about what is best for you. Opening up to Brittany about my food issues was easy because she works from such a non-judgmental, loving place.
 Jenna Marucci, HR Professional, New York, NY

Jenna Marucci, HR Professional, New York, NY


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