Fed Up Retreat

Fed Up Retreat


The Fed Up Retreat is a half-day intensive for women who want to know EXACTLY how they can ditch food confusion, emotional eating, and control re: dieting and their bodies.

This will be an intimate deep dive into your health and the things that have led you to feel FED UP with dieting and food confusion. You’ll be spending the entire day with me and a group of other women who are ready to release the noise, stop the madness, and be shown a better way.

Forget dieting, juice cleanses, restriction, and punishing exercise.

Let’s bring JOY and DESIRE back to food.

I’ll be covering the three fundamental areas of health that actually tie to body positivity and dropping food frustration. This won’t be about how to shrink your waistline with a magic pill, or how to drop pounds fast with one easy method. 

(You’ve tried that, remember? And it doesn’t work).

This will be clear direction on the core things you need to be spending your time on EVERY SINGLE DAY so you can shift toward unconscious ease with food, create lasting change, and NOT go back to old habits (i.e. calorie counting, portion control, cleanses, pills, powders, restriction, & deprivation)

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