Your Soul Food Project - 8 Week Program

Your Soul Food Project - 8 Week Program


You’re done with feeling awful in your body while also feeling intensely confused about food. You want to move effortlessly through your day and have a sense of fun. You are, in many ways, fed up.

There’s a new way. A better way. A more joyful way. 

And you’re ready to uncover it. 

This is your chance—this is where you step into your power and have your moment.

With accountability, undivided attention, and unique, tailored guidance when it comes to food, movement, and navigating your wellness journey, you and I will create BIG change in your life in an 8 week program that breaks down your relationship with food and how it affects you personally—body and soul.

Every body is created individually, so it follows that every body should be maintained individually.

If you're ready to cultivate a positive relationship with food (read: no dieting), find your ideal foods, embrace the body you live in, and shed the things that just aren't working, then you're ready to dive in.

Your tailored program may include*:

  • Weekly 30 minute private coaching sessions for eight weeks
  • Access to curated yoga content + tailored practices (some sessions may be private yoga, should that fit your needs after our consultation)
  • Private email access (3 emails per week)
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