About Brittany.

Hey!  I'm Brittany Lynn Kriger... 

(you don't have to call me Brittany Lynn Kriger--you can call me Brittany, Britt, Britta, or Bree),

and I am really glad you're here.  

Why am I really glad you're here?  

What makes me tick is coaching women just like you who are craving monstrous, life changing, soul shaking CHANGE in their health.  You're here, so I'm willing to bet you are itching to shake things up.  You may even be stuck and feeling defeated, frustrated, and hopeless.

If this is you, let me say it again: I am really glad you are here.

You don't have to feel alone, frustrated, or hopeless.  I've been there--I've been through the storm, and I can help you.

Do you ever find yourself thinking any of the following?

  1. Man... I wish I could be healthier
  2. If only I had more will power when it comes to food/exercise/making good choices.
  3. I want to fit in my skinny jeans again.
  4. I hate what I see when I look in the mirror.
  5. I am out of control with food. Food controls ME.
  6. I wish healthy food was good... but I just LOVE other foods so much more.
In my life... I have thought each of those very things myself.

In my life... I have thought each of those very things myself.

Trust me.  I definitely get it.

I haven't always had a positive relationship with food or my body.  I used to drown my sorrows in pints of Ben and Jerry's, bottles of wine, and use exercise as a way to punish myself for "bad" decisions.  I was in a constant war with my "will power" and desires, fighting what felt like insane, beyond my power cravings.

I totally get the struggle.  I mean, I really and truly get it.  

In fact... Can I tell you a secret?

I wasn't born a health coach.  (Shocking.  I know.)

To be perfectly honest, I didn't care a lick about nutrition or my health until my mid-twenties!

The reason I became a health coach is because I experienced an insidiously nasty, terrible, no good, negative relationship with the food I was eating and the body I get to live in.  

And I got FED UP.  I decided one day to take matters into my own hands, step into my power, and initiate change.

I have not always been a home cook.  I didn't even know how to cook the simplest meals or what foods would make my body feel good.  I was in a constant tug of war with my body and it felt awful.

Once I got a taste of how magical life can be when I FEEL the way I TRULY want to feel, I knew I HAD to share it with YOU.

Thanks to Facebook maintaining all of the embarrassing history of our pasts, I can even show you some of the posts from the tale end of my food insanity when I was just beginning to toy with the idea of making changes to my diet and having some hard core resistance to change:

Notice a theme? (Hint:  It's Ben and Jerry's)

If this resonates with you, then, girl--I know your heart.

I work with women on this very pain point because I have been to the inner circle of hell and walked back out again as a new woman.

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(There are many options.)

That inner circle of hell?  Yeah... you see, a few years ago, I had maxed out on life.  I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained.

I was the definition of world weary.

And that’s when food became a huge part of my life.  

I’ve always enjoyed food, but it never ruled my days.  It was then that food began to become a way to exert some sort of control over my life.  

I realized that I could be 100% perfect if I could just eat all of the best foods all of the time.*
*(File this under: Thoughts, Misguided)

Perfect health became an obsession.  

Perfect health became a little thing called "disordered eating".

It looked a little something like this:

Eat perfectly all day (Whole foods.  Beautiful freshly juiced green juices.  Raw veggies.  Lots of GOOD.)  Practice yoga.  Run lots of miles. Walk everywhere.  

And then... night would fall... and so would my will power.  It didn't matter if I kept the "bad" foods out of the house.  I would combine the weirdest assortment of "good" foods and go to town like I was never going to get to eat again. 

I felt like I was on the express train to Loony Tunes Land.

As I began to slowly rebuild my relationship with food (and directly with myself), the world weariness began to fade.

My relationship with food is what drove me into an "absolute rock bottom, this is the end" mentality.  

That mentality is what ultimately allowed me to find balance in body, mind, and spirit.

That balance?  That's what soul food is ALL about.

I learned that it isn't about the food.  Food is great.  It nourishes us and tastes delicious.  But Soul Food is all the other things in life that fuel us:  relationships, fun, creativity, finances, adventure, spirituality, etc etc etc.

And that is why I am totally devoted to walking with women just like you.

Interested in walking with me?  Click here.

And honestly?

My saving grace was (and is) that I LOVE FOOD.

Hitting up the Red Stick Farmers Market for some fresh Louisiana strawberries!

Hitting up the Red Stick Farmers Market for some fresh Louisiana strawberries!

Being lactose and gluten intolerant as well as spending a few years as vegetarian who is allergic to soy?  That's just been a small hiccough along the way.  And as much as I love to cook and bake, I love a good challenge even more.  I've refused to allow my dietary restrictions to force me into eating bland or unpalatable foods.

All of this lead me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to heal my own relationship with food and my body, and the rest?  Well, every day the road goes on and on.  

This story is still in the making.

Because life and health? It's a journey, baby, not a destination. And me?  I'm still trucking along.

 I'm inviting you along for the ride!

Things I LOVE that make me feel like ME:

  • Practicing yoga - Yin, Yoga Nidra, Hatha, Ashtanga... yes please!
  • Hitting up the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings
  • Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones (I feel the need to make it clear that I loved all of these things before they were made into tv shows/movies, but I DO love the tv/movie versions of them, too!)
  • Painting (I recently got into mixed medium messy finger painting!)
  • Playing my ukulele - I do not claim to be good at it, but man is it fun to strum!
  • Inventing fun new recipes
  • Traveling all over!  Goal is to hit all 50 states and each of the seven continents.
  • My ideal dinner party includes:  Elizabeth Gilbert, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Brene Brown, Pema Chodron, Kristen Wiig, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Rumi.  (I reserve the right to edit this list!) 
  • Podcasts!  Judge John Hodgman, This American Life, Oh No Ross and Carrie, Radio Lab, The Ted Radio Hour, NPR Politics...
  • Books that have rocked my life: Siddhartha (Hermann Hesse), Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert), The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer), Yes, Please (Amy Poehler), Rising Strong (Brene Brown), The Alchemist (Paulo Cuehlo) (I again reserve the right to edit this list as I continue to read!)

The Creds

My Official Fancy Pants Title: 
Brittany Lynn Kriger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CHHC, AADP, RYT 200

I finalized my certification in holistic health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013, and I am a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  As a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map, I am well equipped to coach women toward unlocking desires and goals with soul. I'm also a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, receiving my training at Yoga Path. The yoga teacher training I completed is based on the lineage and teachings of Krishnamacharya.  This lineage is a therapeutic approach to yoga that integrates the ancient teachings in a modern day application specific to the individual.  Other diplomas hanging on my wall include a Bachelors of Interior Design from Louisiana State University and a BFA in Musical Theatre from Southeast Missouri State University.