You've dieted.  You've exercised. You've eaten less carbs. You've counted your macros. You've read all the books. But you are still frustrated and at war with your body and your will power.

My story? Is probably really similar to yours.

I wanted to feel confident in my body (which I translated as skinny, ripped, and impeccably youthful), and the way I went about achieving this result was to try every new health fad under the sun and never eat "bad" foods again. I entered an era of over-exercising, over thinking every food choice, and constantly feeling like I wasn't doing this health thing right.

And guess what? I lost a lot of weight. I also lost my period, my joy, my libido, and I also started to feel like I was losing my MIND.

I wasn't born a health coach.  (Shocking.  I know.)

To be perfectly honest, I didn't care a lick about nutrition or my health until my mid-twenties.

The reason I began doing this work is because I experienced an insidiously nasty, terrible, no good, negative relationship with the food I was eating and the body I get to live in, and I got FED UP.  I decided one day to take matters into my own hands, step into my power, and initiate change.

Once I got a taste of how magical life can be when I FEEL the way I TRULY want to feel, I knew I HAD to share it with YOU.

I work with women on this pain point because I have been to the inner circle of hell and walked back out again as a new woman.

And that is why I am totally devoted to walking with women just like you.

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