In this space, meet yourself with compassion. Treat yourself with loving kindness.  Allow the practice to nurture the self, not cause it any pain. Listen to and honor your needs above and beyond the structure of the class.  Namaste.

Let's Practice Virtually

Let's Practice In Person

Practice with me at a studio in Baton Rouge, LA.


Sunrise Yoga | Tues/Thurs | 5:45 am
Yoga Path | Basic/General Level
Jumpstart your morning with an energizing general hatha practice. Each month, we'll work toward finding YOUR body's alignment in a specific asana as well as focus on yogic philosophies.

Alignment and Vinyasa Flow | Wed | 5:15 pm
One Heart Yoga Center | General Level
Challenge the mind body connection with this faster paced alignment based practice.  Build heat and stretch, strengthen, and tone the muscles of the body and mind through conscious movement and finding comfort in discomfort.

Align the Spine, Align the Self | Tues/Thurs | 11:30 am
Elevate | Restorative/Gentle Yoga
Many yoga practitioners come to their mat, whether beginner or advanced, without involvement or reflection on the movement of the spine, the workings of the muscles, the function of the breath, and the thought patterns that accompany the practice.  By bringing a gentle, focused, and conscious attention to the body-mind connection and the movements of the spine in relation to the whole body, unconscious movement beyond the studio and off the mat will become stronger, easier, and more free.  This practice will gently rejuvenate the body and free the mind from the pace of everyday life. 

Yoga With Weights | Thursdays | 7:15 am
Elevate | General Level

This ain't your grandma's yoga with weights class! The goal isn't to use hand weights to burn more calories or make this a hardcore workout. Rather, the light hand weights invited you to challenge your strength and push yourself to your edge.  Maybe you'll find more strength in warrior.  Maybe you'll feel like more of a goddess.  Maybe you'll come to class and never pick up a weight (they aren't required).

This general level class incorporates traditional yoga poses with the use of hand weights to stretch and strengthen the entire body.  Through inquiry and awareness, students will be led to find balance, ease, and lightness while building a steady and firm foundation.